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We offer public and in-house training courses worldwide throughout the year.

Our world class, hands-on RCA training course will get your team - and your business - performing at their peak.

Root cause analysis is an approach for identifying the underlying causes of why an incident occurred so that the most effective solution can be identified and implemented.  It's typically used when something goes badly, but can also be used when something goes well.  Within an organization, problem solving, incident investigation and root cause analysis are all fundamentally connected by three basic questions:  What's the problem? Why did it happen? and What will be done to prevent it?

Our goal is to teach, train, and empower YOU and your team with the requisite skill sets, knowledge, and understanding of how RCA was always intended to be so that you and your team can develop your own RCA program without the need for any continuous outside assistance.

Theory and Practical Activities.

Planning monitoring indicators (Compliance, Workload, Backlog, etc).

2 days (16 hours)


  • Introduction to Root Cause Analysis - RCA
    • What is Root Cause Analysis?
    • When to use RCA?
    • Fundamentals of Root Cause Analysis
    • Root Cause Analysis Techniques
  • Root Cause Analysis Process
    • Root Cause Analysis Steps
    • Cause & Effect Diagram
      1. Problem Definition - Exercises
      2. Creation of Cause and Effect diagram - Exercises
      3. Identifying effective solutions - Exercises
      4. Best solutions Implementation - Exercises
  • Root Cause Analysis Process Implementation
    • Pareto Analysis
    • 3 questions
    • 5 whys
    • Failures Classification
    • Team Work
    • Root Cause Analysis Success factors
    • RCA process Indicators
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