ime thermography analysis 1

IME offer thermography analysis services that are tailored to meet client specifications and regulatory standards.

Thermography is a powerful tool for maintenance problems solving. Our diagnostic method uses infrared "cameras" to detect problems through radiant heat energy produced by equipment’s.

Merits of Infrared Thermography equipment:

  • Relative comparison of distribution of surface temperature can be made over a wide area.
  • Temperature can be measured easily for a moving object or an object that is dangerous to get close to.
  • Temperature of small objects can be measured without confusing the temperature.
  • Temperature of food, medicine or chemicals can be measured in a sanitary fashion.
  • Temperature of an object with a drastic temperature change or a phenomenon during a short period of time can be measured.

ime thermography analysis 2

Before phase temperature: 558.6 ° C

ime thermography analysis 3

Digital photograph of the damage

ime thermography analysis 4

After repair temperature: 50.3 ° C