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We offer maintenance audits services.

A comprehensive asset management audit is conducted to compare the degree of asset management within an organization with a set of predetermined standards to establish improvement priorities.


  • Determine if asset management supports business objectives.
  • Identify gaps (strengths and weaknesses).
  • Propose recommendations to close the gaps regarding international trade standards and best practices.
  • Identify opportunities from best practice.
  • Establish a platform for shared learning.

The Asset Management Assessment is a snap shot of the current “health” of the plant and should point out gaps and a way forward for improvement.  The assessment is not a “pass-fail” assessment it is meant to define progress along a continuum.

Focus Areas

  1. Development maintenance packages
  2. Management, maintenance planning and control
  3. Monitoring, analyzing and improving the return on assets
  4. Modification control of engineering changes
  5. Spare parts management, engineering workshops and tools
  6. Control and automation
  7. Regulatory compliance
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