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Our team has many years of experience in the creation of maintenance management manuals.

A Maintenance Management Manual is a document that compiles the different procedures required to complete a task, establishing a proper communication to stakeholders that allow them to perform their tasks in an orderly and systematic manner.

It is a book or manual with a series of administrative elements for each specific purpose: to guide and standard the behavior that occurs between each human group in the company.

It follows that the outstanding feature of a Maintenance Management Manual is the fact that it is a written document, unlike the procedure itself is represented by a material action. Thus a written procedure means to properly establish a standard method of doing any work or duty.

It is clear then that the Maintenance Management Manual gives procedures, formal or official status for a particular task or set of tasks, becoming a guidance counselor in achieving an effective and efficient outcome.

Therefore, the development of Maintenance Management Manual within the institution or company is a function of the directors, managers and other persons with authority for decision-making, leading to keep employees well informed on how to make tasks within its competence and thus avoid confusion when carrying out their duties, but at the same time serve as an instrument of accountability about how, when and where the work is performed and under the responsibility of each official.

Without prejudice to the specific description of the steps to accomplish specific tasks, procedures manuals must comply with other equally important goals for the smooth running of the administration, among which we can mention.

  1. Announce to all personnel involved the objectives, dependency relationships, responsibilities and institutional policies.
  2. Foster uniformity of work, allowing different contributors to perform different tasks without any problem.
  3. Avoid duplication of functions and hang time, serve as an indicator to detect omissions.
  4. Promote improvements in the existing procedure in order to pursuit a greater administrative efficiency.
  5. Facilitate the induction of new employees.
  6. Allows integration of all partners and staff to achieve a comprehensive functionality.

In conclusion, a procedures manual that is prepared properly, allows the officer of the institution or company to know clearly what to do, how, when and where to do it, also knowing the resources and requirements necessary to complete a given task.

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